Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sorry, what time is it?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 3
It's 0130...

I can barely read the rest of the chapter

Oh this's so tiring

I'm damn sleepy

need a break!

take a look at the monitor

checking my YM

reading others' status message

doakan kemenangan Islam


krew saye ilang pulak malam nie. makan x bgtaw saye.cet3.


doakan kemenangan di pihak yg benar esok!!

Respond to myself

BUZZ me if you think fi is trying to be witty...

MEMORIZING [I shall take that as my advantage]


Pahang sedang berkira2 utk membeli Federico Macheda

[STUDY MODE ACTIVATED] [Addicted to anatomy]

let's check the egyptian

Biochem practical - Peluang utk tertido 85%

wat bout others?

5 jam je..x leh lebih


insan bernama kekasih

-cahaya hati-

Kaki keng-kang?

kembali menjelaskan noktah bidayah sebelum mengorak langkah~tiada kekuatan melainkan Allah~bismillah..

ARGH!!! What am I doing???

The thing is dat, I'm tired of reading + boring...


When will I be able to finish the materials?

But I do enjoy memorize those names...

It's 0136

I shall get back to read
[this is nothing more than merepek]
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