Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

There comes this verse from Al-Quran. I was performing my Isha prayer. And I think the Imam was reciting this verse from Surah Yunus. Or was it from Surah Al-A3raf? I just remember the last few words but no big deal, the content is the same.

"Katakanlah: 'Aku tidak berkuasa mendatangkan kemudaratan dan tidak (pula) kemanfaatan kepada diriku, melainkan apa yang dikehendaki Allah.' Tiap-tiap umat mempunyai ajal. Apabila telah datang ajal mereka, maka mereka tidak dapat mengundurkannya barang sesaat pun dan tidak (pula) mendahulukan (nya)."
[ 10 : 49 ]

19th April 2009; my makcik, Allahyarhamha Rahinah binti Mohd Salleh passed away. I kind of terkilan bcoz I find myself didn't pay much attention towards this berita due to some works I had to finish in Ma3rad Thaqafi JUST.


19th June 2009; I was really shocked when I receieved a message from an unknown number. I was certain it was from Malaysia as the number appeared to be +6013*******. I was on my way to Madinah. Allahyarham Muhammad Hafizuddin bin Hasnee. This friend of mine died in an accident.


Yet it's true. Ajal comes when it is set to come. Age doesn't matter. And disease can cause death but it's not the rule of Ajal. It is all from Allah SWT.

As written in his book, Brandon Toropov said;

Every responsible voyager across unknown territory has to establish a contingency route of some kind. Suppose you were scaling a mountain no one had ever climbed - you would have to develop a primary strategy, and then a secondary strategy for reaching your destination in case of miscalculation, unforeseen circumstances, or simple bad luck.

So. You have never died before. What is your backup plan?

p/s oh ye. I lost my watch while in Makkah. kind of sedey coz that was a present from JPNJ mase PMR dulu.huhuu...

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