Friday, October 29, 2010

teenager NO MORE!

Friday, October 29, 2010

There are times that walk from you,
Like some passing afternoon.

Times have been flying, and I’ve been ridiculous.
It’s been 2 decades, and it all amounts to nothing.
What did I do?
No, really.
What have I done actually?
The truth to be told and I ended up silent.
The damsel in distress and I ended up running away from a fight.
The words to be read and I ended up counting the letters.
The times to be surpassed and I ended up being left behind.

There are names to be remembered,
There are books to be read,
There are people to be in acquaintance,
There are numbers to be counted,
There are dreams to be achieved,
There are obligations to be completed.

And now,
I’ve been worrying my life away.

There is today,
So why should I wait for tomorrow?
There is now,
So why would I wait for later?

Every minute,
Every hour,
Every day,
Every moment,
We share together,
Is even better than the moment before.
If every day was as good as the day was,
Then I can’t wait ‘till tomorrow comes.

3 responses:


happy birthday!


sometimes the memories are the best things to be remembered....even better from what we have to go through along the way called LIFE....
just think bout it...n it could make u me...=)


@ KucaKuci

thanks! GB u.

@ Anonymous

I dun really approve anonymity, well at least give it a name so I dun hve to call u anon. hoho.

anyway, nice advice. memories r to b remembered I guess. thanks a lot. :)

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