Friday, January 7, 2011

...a cab chat...

Friday, January 7, 2011
If there's no tomorrow,
then all we have is here and now

I had an exam. It was the final paper for the Endocrinology module. Well, I guess it went quite well although I had only started revising the materials the day before. That’s so not cool. Adding more to the un-cool-ness, I accidentally watched a movie the night before. Yep, accidentally. It was an underrated movie entitled IF ONLY.

Something beautiful about the movie, is that we can't fight fate. What to happen is what had been written. We may get it slightly change or different in order, but we can't escape fate. Simply, it's going to happen either way.

Okay. Enough with the movie and the accents and the hedonism craps. Back to the day, I took a cab headed to Mujamma’ Amman Jadid (a bus station). From there, I would take the hospital bus to KAUH. My examination hall is just nearby the university hospital. Along my way to the bus station, I did a little chat with the polite cab driver. And just for the record, I’ve just realized it’s been a long time since I last made a moving conversation with a taxi driver.

Please note that the conversation took place in Arabic. So this is just a well-written translation. Haha.

How are you? How’s your health?

Oh I’m fine, thank you. I’m good. How are you?

I’ve been good. When are you going back to Indonesia?

Oh no, I’m from Malaysia.

Oh well, are you going back to Malaysia?

Maybe next year. I don’t quite sure.

What do you study?


Oh great. If you are to be married, will it be a Malaysian girl or Jordanian?

UH-UH? Oh I certainly haven’t given any thought about that but most probably a Malaysian.

Why? Why would you not choose a Jordanian?

Well simply because I’m from Malaysia, I am a Malaysian. It’s easier regarding the cultural stuffs I guess.

That’s not a problem. You should be considering marrying a Jordanian. Do you already have a special girlfriend among the Malaysians here?

A solid no.

What is lover in your language?

Oh in Malay ea? Erm... Kekasih?

Kekashi? Kecashi? It sure is dificult.

No it's not. Arabic is far more difficult than Malay.

So you must have a lover right now. In Malaysia maybe.

Neither here, nor in Malaysia.

Seriously? You should be taking steps right now. What year are you in right now?

I’m currently in my third year.

That’s old enough. So I say you’ll be getting married in no time?

No I’m not. I mean, I haven’t thought about it seriously. I’ve never popped that question in my mind before. In the future maybe. I don’t know yet.

In your fourth year then? Next year?

No. I didn’t plan for it to happen in near time.

Fifth year then?

No. I’m barely a matured man. I’m still studying. If it were to happen, the closest it will be is most probably after graduating. I’m in no thought of marrying somebody while studying.

Well I pray for you then. Although I do think you should be getting married right now.

Oh that’s very kind of you. Let Allah decides. God knows better. Well what about you? Are you married?

Yes I am. I have 2 daughters and a son.

Oh praise to Allah. My pray for your happiness.

Thank you. Praise to Allah.

The conversation ended when we reached the bus station. The point is, I really don’t have an idea on why did he keep on pushing me to marry a Jordanian girl. He sure is persistent. lol. And so do you know, I translated the conversation in my way of writing. So it’s kind of overly written but the contents are the same, no added plot nor deleted scene. I just did a little touch up on the linguistic part. My Arabic wasn’t that good. Haha.

KAUH : King Abdullah University Hospital

stumble on tomorrow,
tripped over today.
promised that tomorrow,
be different than today.

6 responses:


gud for u!!
nak makan nasik minyak jemput laa yer..

kat umah pak atan ke kat jordan??
citer ape yg jenny love hewitt berlakon tu??

aku suke dengar british accent...kadang2 coba2 ikut gak..
irish accent camner??ade perbezaan ke??


lama lg ler. aku tak penah terfikir lg pun nak nak kawen dlm masa trdekat. umur 30 nnti baru kawen kot. hahahahahhaa. of cos kat malaysia.

lol kan da stated kat situ, IF ONLY. cite ni kalau tak silap kluar dlm dvd je, tak masuk theatre pun.

kalau nak dengar irish accent, tngok colin farrell brlakon dalam IN BRUGES. bez!

irish cam scottish sket, faster. kalau british cam slower sket, kdg2 rase cam berlagu jek.


woi woi..tiru aku ke hah?? umo 30 laa konon...aleh2 ko balik mesia siap bawak anak...
if only?? ohh sorry... xperasan ler..

in bruges...mentang2 la ko dah pi sana ekk..
ok2 insyaallah..aku donlod...semata2 nak dengo irish accent..haha


lps tngok cite tu baru aku tau colin farrell tu irish rupe nye ea. anyway, bruges memg sngt magnificent. beautiful.

teruk nye aku menyebarkan muvi2 lagho. haha

fnabiL (perasan UK kejap)

ya Allah, is this a first step or what?
seriously, there are a lot of thing s yg aku bljr kt UK.
huuuu, pray for my journey.


u bet. haha.
nnti story la dlm blog ke ape, leh aku refer bila2 aku nak jln uk nnti. keh3.
njoy ur holidays! oh I'm sure u do, it's bloody UK!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!

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