Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday, September 28, 2012
If you knew me,
would you save that seat for me?
If you knew me,
would you finally let me free?

Hello myself! duhhhh

Last year, each time I introduced myself as a fourth year student, I would feel proud and huge. Well, you know what I mean by ‘huge’. But this year, every time I say fifth year, I feel ancient. I wonder what I will feel next year.

It’s September. New semester just began, which means new students just arrived. Every single year (well since 2009) around this time, something interesting never fails to make me laugh. No, I’m not talking about me laughing at those naive and innocent looking freshies blurring around the street admiring every single thing they found on this land. God forbid, I would never do that!

A lot of people will approach me and assume couple of false laughable things about me. The most hilarious greeting so far would be “Welcome to Jordan”. Some people even thought I was a Yarmouk university student. Doesn't that sound ridiculous but high-larious at the same time? Maybe I should blame myself for that, I’m not sure.

It gets even funnier when at most times, I actually know their name or even a little more detail about themselves. You know, simple things like which university, what year and what course. Let me give a simple example of a real conversation that I encountered recently.

Greetings. How are you?
Hi. I've been better but thank you. And you?
I’m fine. Welcome to Jordan! What’s your name?
Err, thank you? It’s Ideris. You’re Derp right?
Yes I am. So how’re things with you so far? Do you have trouble with understanding the materials in Arabic?
Well they’re in English. So, not really.
Wait, are you studying in JUST? Medicine?
Yes, I do. Just began my fifth year.
Oh really? Okay. A clinical student?
Yes, how’s your third year now? Is everything good?

And the conversation gets more awkward after that. Not from my perspective though, because I actually enjoy looking at their shocked facial expressions when I told them I’m in my fifth year. This happens every year and I burst into big laugh every time it happens. Oh I’m gonna miss this when I graduated.

still I'm searching for something...

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