Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thursday, July 1, 2010

I know somebody may say this is lame. But anyway, these are just few facts I could notice about myself. This is from my point of view and I couldn't agree more that some people may see me from a different angle.

1) I don't drink milk or anything that looks or smells like milk. I vomit the last time I tried (or was forced actually).

2) I am okay in simple Mathematics but I'm bad in Physics which require understanding before calculations. I just can't do maths based on understanding. I passed my Maths in my school just because I memorized and followed the steps. I freak out every time I see numbers in my medical subjects. I’m not that radiant to be able to combine numbers and words. Is there any term such number-phobic?

3) My family always recognizes me as a careless person. CUAI!!! But it's the opposite when being around my friends. They usually recognize me as this systematic and meticulous person with all the details. I myself don't even know which one describes me better.

4) I hate myself when dealing with people. I tend to ignore people just because I will feel inferior when talking with people. Communication skills will always be my weakness. I think people have every right to hate me for my sorry behavior.

5) No matter how bad a movie is, as long as it's based on a true story, I will always enjoy and acknowledge it as a great production. I watched fictions and I ended up accusing the producers were cheating on me. It was like I was fooled.

6) My father is a smoker but never said anything about smoking. He neither allows nor forbids. I wonder what his reaction’s going to be IF he EVER found out his son too, is a smoker. Thank God I don’t do smoking.

7) I don’t do well in Physics and anything involving calculations. So I chose Medicine because Biology had the least calculations back in school. To be frank, my ambition ever since my primary school until Form 3 was to be a teacher.

8) I can easily get influenced and obsessed with something.

9) I never really remember the prices after I bought something. If any exceptions, I remembered them just because somebody would ask about it then I would have to prepare to please them with a real precise answer.

10) When I was 15, I realized I didn't know how to smile. Since then, I practiced smiling in front of mirrors. I stretched my mouth with my hand while practicing it. Can you believe it?

11) I think I'm emotionless. My teacher once stated that. This must have to do with my smiling disability. Is that an anomaly?

12) I had my first huge crush when I was 14
. NO, nothing happened. You know me, keeping things to myself then suffers. Heh.

13) I love fishes more than other meats or even chickens. This must has to do with the way my family grew me up. We eat fishes every day. Chickens and Meats will be bought only for special occasion. I learnt to eat chicken when I was in the hostel. But I still have fishes on top of my list.

14) I'm an indecisive person. That's why I prefer being with decisive people so they can all rule things out for me.

15) I am a perfectionist in my way of working. But I’m just too concealed to show that. So I prefer working behind the scene.

16) I think I get mad hardly. Or if any, I don’t really express it. But I can get sad on little things easily. Sometimes I just don’t understand myself. I was angry on something, but I turned out expressing sadness and frustration. What does that mean actually? Maybe my angry gene has been mutated to express sadness.

17) I’m not really into games. So I just got movies, series and internet as distractions.

18) I acknowledge myself as a good team player but honestly, I don’t see myself as a team leader. I follow rules, I don’t do ruling. Maybe just don’t yet.

19) I talk crap when I’m stressed or kind of pissed off. I will just blow any words appear in my mind without thinking. If you ever feel like you’ve seen a different side of me talking too much, that was just the way I expressed my stressfulness.

20) I enjoy being a victim. Hell yeah. That’s absurd eyh?

21) I’m a loner. Or at least I believe it. It's not because I don't like people. I just don't like the presentation of myself in front of people. A self confident issue actually.

22) I have a thing with caps. I feel more confident walking with a cap on top of my head. Again, it’s a self confident issue.

23) I nearly got kicked out of my evening session religious school when in standard 5. I was 13. I guess I played truancy well enough just to be kicked out. My mother had to contact the officer at District Religious Office just to get me seated in the final exam. Thank God, it worked out and I graduated with 1st Grade. Then I successfully passed the Darjah Khas.
[ in a train - Paris :D ]

So was it pathetic enough?

4 responses:


so u post it here as u said before :P

more private i guess? hmmm

well,kinda shocked of some facts about you :P

and i can't doubt ur english

it is just nice :)

i wonder should i say congrats for that? :?


yeah indeed. more private.
shocked? do u need proves? hahhaa

no lah, I dun find my english nice. I admire Malik's. His english is way more lovely.

anyway, urs is convincing. :)


LOL. convincing? HAHA

yeah, u're right. malik's english can't be doubted. he is way tooooo high level of english. sometimes i cudnt get what he means. hehe :D

btw, i don't need proves. i just assumed that u're not lying abt these facts. :P


there's no point of lying about myself n more pathetic, lying to myself about myself. hahahahaha.

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