Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer trip : DAY 11

Sunday, July 11, 2010
:: THE END ::

That morning, I once again had to reluctantly skip the breakfast prepared at the hotel. The ticket we booked back to Paris was going to be leaving Brussels at 7.15 am. Breakfast usually started at 7.30 am up ‘till 10.00 am. I planned on eating the instant noodles before checking out of the room. But we woke up late that morning. We were supposed to be meeting the girls downstairs at the receptionist at 6.30 am. When I opened my eyes, it was already 6.30 am. I managed to take a shower and rushed everything. Thank God I’ve already packed most things the night before.

Anyway, we were not that late. The hotel is not too far from the main station. When we arrived at the station, we had to wait for a couple of minutes before allowed to enter the train. I had a cappuccino that morning. It was great. I guess better than the espresso I had the day before. The journey back to Paris took us about an hour. I spent most of the time reading ‘Home’ as I couldn’t get myself asleep after the cappuccino I drank before. Besides, it was a little bit awkward sitting in front of the girls. The seats were arranged facing each other. That was awkward wasn’t it? Haha.

Arrived at Gare du Nord, Paris, we waited until afternoon to move to the airport. We didn’t have anything actually at the station; we just thought it was too early to get to the airport at morning since our flight was gonna be at 3.30 pm. At 11.00 am, we took the RER train straight to the airport. Upon arrival, the check-in counter hadn’t been opened yet. Yet another waiting.

On the plane, we had a special request dinner. I mean, we’ve already requested the Muslims meal when we booked the ticket online. It was better than the first one we had when we flew to Paris before. A fish meal!!! Fishes are blessed that they never fail to make my day gaiety. LOL.

There was kind of a situation inside the cabin. I was too focusing on the meal that I didn’t notice it involved a passenger seating in front of me. When I finally realized, few people were onto something, the passenger was already taken into the business class compartment. I asked Danial but he was busy watching the movie being played. I think somebody got sick. Then there was an announcement from the pilot (I think so) informing a presence of a doctor boarding. That was it. I don’t really get what he meant by that. I supposed he meant anybody feeling sick could consult the doctor we’ve got on the plane.

The flight reached Larnaca, Cyprus around 8.30 pm. I witnessed a mouth fight while waiting in the line to retrieve my next boarding pass at the connecting flight area. An old man was mad at how the woman at the counter ignoring the passengers going to Amman, prioritizing the passengers going to Beirut. I too was sent to the next counter when I mentioned my destination at the first counter. But listening to her reason, it was quite acceptable actually. The flight to Beirut would be leaving in a short time and I didn’t want to be the cause of any delayed flight or worse, of anybody missing the flight. That is just intolerable.

That words quarrel just brought me to realize that I was approaching Jordan or the land of Arabs. It was even closer when the flight to Amman was opened for boarding. I’ve never seen people crowded at the gate to enter the plane. But they were indeed. I well understood the flight was delayed like more than an hour, but couldn’t it be more civilized to just make a line in front of the gate. If this is their identity, I couldn’t agree more that they should start to find a new identity which should be more Islamic and civilized. All I’m asking is manners. Doesn’t Islam thought us about akhlak?

We’ve already contacted Abdullah asking for his help to arrange a transport from the airport back to Irbid. It went smooth and we reached Irbid safely. We paid Abu Seif as agreed.

No other words.


I would like to thank everybody involved in this travel. Well especially my travel mate, Danial. We had a great time, didn't we?

Some people would not recommend Europe as a place to have distinct and unique cultural experiences. It’s kind of true actually. Asia is more like it. I would recommend Europe as a place to approach people as people rather than as cultural representatives. It’s an approach of a life in a different kind of world. Well, not literally. This is just my two cents after visiting just 5 out of 50 countries in Europe. Errr, Turkey is considered one right? Heh.

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