Saturday, July 3, 2010

summer trip : DAY 06

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another sunny day but it went too hot that I felt like soaking the sunlight. Haha. No jacket, though I actually wore it at first. And here came the day of gaiety and fun! We were just as exciting as any other children going to any theme park. We were going to spend a day at Parc Asterix! Yeah! We went out quite early but were delayed by the quest to find the shuttle bus office. It was already late when we found it. The shuttle bus left at 9.00 am. And to our disappointment, we did reach the office at 9.00 am!!! So the guy at the office gave us the directions to take the train to the airport where there would be a bus station providing the service going to the Parc Asterix. The buses leave every half an hour to my remembrance. The journey from the bus station to the park just took us a while.

There are 2 main popular theme amusement parks in Paris. The most popular is definitely the Disneyland Paris (DLP). The other one is the Parc Asterix. We chose to go for Parc Asterix after some thoughts. First of all, the entrance fee is much cheaper than DLP. We didn’t have much time in Paris so Parc Asterix would be our best choice since DLP will need at least 2 days for it to be fun. Parc Asterix is less crowded. So the lines will be much shorter than in DLP. DLP has so many attractions for children while many reviews I read said Parc Asterix will satisfy the adults more.

Parc Asterix is inspired from the stories of Asterix, a cartoon show originated from France. It is especially well known for its large variety of roller coasters, and has begun incorporating rides and themes from historic cultures such as the Romans and the ancient Greeks.

Upon entering, we rushed to a steel roller coaster called Goudurix. It’s a large multi-looping coaster with 7 inversions. I nearly had my glasses fallen from the ride. Luckily I was fast enough to catch it. There are so many attractions and shows. We realized it was impossible to experience every one of them so picked them at random based on our interests.

Some other attractions we managed to experience including Oxygenarium (a large, twisting water slide with round dinghies), Transdemonium (a haunted mansion filled with special effects), la Galere (a swinging ship), Grand Splatch (a rapid river ride) and many others.

Grand Splatch forced us to get a little wet. Luckily, the day was hot so we dried easily. I wondered how it would be if I were to come in winter. Our last ride at the park was the Tonnerre de Zeus, the third longest wooden coaster in Europe. Tonnerre de Zeus means Thunder of Zeus of which we can found a large statue of Zeus holding his thunderbolt at the park. This last ride was a total blast!!! It has a 30m tall lift hill and 2 helices!!! I wasn’t expected that kind of ride actually, but again, it was a total blast!!!

We managed to perform our Zohor prayer in the park. We found a large hidden suitable area with grass carpets. This time, Danial lead our prayer while the girls and I followed. It was a satisfaction to have been performed the obligation in a group or jamaah at public area.

After that, we stopped by at the souvenirs shop. I didn’t buy anything looking at the prices. But the goods are all in very good quality. We left the park taking the bus back to the station. We took the metro and dropped by at Anvers again. The girls wanted to buy something so Danial and I just followed. Well actually I did buy some more things. Heh. We went back to the hotel and I packed my things a little for we would be leaving Paris tomorrow.

to be continued...

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