Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer trip : DAY 09

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It was the second day for a visit in Belgium, or our third day actually upon arrival. We had our breakfast at the hotel and went out soon finished. Today, we were going to visit a little distance city from Brussels, Bruges. Bruges is best known for its canals through the city, thus commonly known as The Venice of The North. Cruising is very popular in Bruges. The historic centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Located in the northwest of Belgium, it’s the largest city in the Flemish region of the country.

We walked to the train station, Gare du Midi and bought the ticket to Bruges. It took us an hour from Brussels to Bruges. We arrived at the main station in Bruges at 9.30 am. The tourist information centre was not opened yet, so I just bought a guide book and walked out of the station to the Minnewater or the Lake of Love. It’s famous for its romantic environment with canals and swans. Just beautiful. Greenery, water and houses blend in perfect harmony in this oasis of peace and cannot fail to enchant the numerous visitors.

Bruges is just like Brussels in the way that we can just walk from a place to another place for sightseeing. Nothing much except the canals it has which make Bruges more special. We followed the suggested routes in the book and walked around the city ‘till we found the traditional nostalgic (as claimed) windmills. Of many windmills once stood along the city walls, only 3 left. But we just found 2. The other one was said to have been turned into a museum. We took a rest there and then went back to the station.

Other places we visited in Bruges including the famous Church of Our Lady, the Belfort Tower which holds the pride of the Belgians as the French proud of their Eiffel Tower, the Basilica of the Holy Blood which claimed to house an urn containing drops of Christ’s blood and many others. There are also some museums but we didn’t really concern to enter any museum at the moment.

We went by the Beguinage on our way back to the station. The place is very beautiful and peace. More beautiful than Minnewater.

We went back to Brussels main railway station and surveyed the price of a return ticket to Amsterdam, Netherlands since we have another one remaining day. It was the girls’ idea. Danial and I were just following. I pitied Danial though since he economically didn’t prepare for visiting any other countries apart from France and Belgium. Me neither, but I fortunately brought some extra money just in case.

The fact that we settled Belgium in 2 days was just abrupt. A day in Brussels and another day in Bruges. The remaining one day was reserved for Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was a sudden plan and decision. Anyway, I was hoping to enjoy precious moments in Amsterdam for what it’s worth. I was starting to miss my room in Irbid for a matter of fact. Oh, that was so irritating.

We finished our tour around Bruges early that day. The evening was free as hell. Danial was too tired of walking that he slept all that evening. 2 days in Belgium was in fact 2 days of walking. I myself didn’t find myself to wanting to sleep. That evening at around 8.00 pm, I went out alone to the Grand Place. I indeed enjoy walking alone. Heh. Danial stayed at the hotel. I enjoyed the crowds and the atmosphere. So I thought I would do some shopping at the Grand Place. I bought a shirt written on it BRUSSELS.

Then I went into a chocolate shop, Leonidas. I was hoping to buy just a small piece of chocolate to get a taste of the local chocolates. But then I was surprised with the numbering system inside the store. It has a concept of pick-what-you-want-and-we-will-pack-them-for-you. I came across a name of Pick & Pack. How was it? No matter. I would have to wait for the others to finish their businesses ‘till I can pay for my chosen chocolate. So I decided to leave for another shop. The one that attracted me was the one I bought a box of chocolates for my family yesterday evening. It was Guylian. It has a fountain of chocolate. I went in and a nice guy greeted me politely.

“Hello Sir. How can I help you? Is it something for anyone else or just for yourself?”

“Hello. I just want to have a taste of any local chocolate. I mean, for myself.”

“Well I can suggest you this one.”

He pointed at a small box written on it Guylian.

“It has 3 chocolates in it, or you can buy the one with 6 in it.”

“Oh this one tastes good right?”

“Absolutely. I would say seashells from Guylian are the best.”

“These are all from Belgium right? I mean, I want to have a real taste of the local chocolates.”

“Yes! Except for this one. We just sell it because it’s too famous.”

He laughed while pointing at boxes of Ferrero Rocher.

“Oh yeah. I have this one in my country, in Malaysia.”

“You’re from Malaysia? So you’re travelling in Europe. I’m from Scotland myself and I can also find some Belgian chocolates there.”

He knew Malaysia. I was relieved with the fact that I didn’t have to explain where Malaysia is.

“I’m a student actually. It’s holiday.”

“Oh I see. So you’re studying in Europe and you’re traveling.”

Oh crap! I didn’t like this. Now I had to mention where I study.

“Oh no. I study in Jordan. So I came to Europe from Jordan.”

There I said it. I really don’t like the Islamophobia thing. That’s so racist. Huh.

“Oh Jordan. Well it’s not so far from Europe I guess.”

Thank God he responded well.

So I bought a box of 6 Guylian seashells for myself. They are named seashells just after their shapes. Again, I’ve checked the ingredients and they were okay. A shuttle would take me back to the hotel at 9.05 pm. It was getting darker. The sun was preparing for a beautiful sunset and set for a twilight. I was waiting at Mc Donald where the shuttle would be coming. There was a match between United States and a black country. I couldn’t recall which country. I think it was Ghana. Or wasn’t it? Then I heard somebody said “F**K AMERICA!” He said that few times. Haha.

I opened the box and let out a seashell. This was the moment. I would taste the claimed best chocolate in Brussels. At least that was what that Scottish told me. The minute I put it in my mouth, the seashell melted in a way I would describe as extravagant. It was so pleasant! Guylian is indeed the best chocolate I ever tasted. Belgians do know how to make good chocolates. Just delicious! I drew a smile of satisfaction recalling the chocolates I bought for my family were also the Guylian. Thank God I made a good choice yesterday. They must taste this one!

I rode the shuttle and went back into my room where I found Danial already woke himself up. I handed the Guylian over him. He already tasted the Cupido. So I was hoping him to compare it to this one. There he nodded. Guylian is so much better than Cupido. He couldn’t put a word to describe the moment the seashell melted on his tongue. As for myself, Guylian is the best. The second goes to Belgian. Then Cupido. Heh.

to be continued...

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oh ye ke? x penah jumpa pun.

nway, kalau da ade pun x pe la, beli dr sana spesek sket. hehe




yup. ada. tp juz kat tmpt2 tertntu. mcm airpot.

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