Saturday, July 3, 2010

summer trip : DAY 03

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weather was weird somehow. I could rationalize the drizzling and the raining. But today, the wind blew harshly. It brought the atmosphere from our last winter in Jordan. Yeah exactly! The wind. The rain. The clouds. More distinctive, the temperature. We were freaking cold outside there. My twenty cents jacket couldn’t help much. But anyway, it could be worse. It got weirder seeing the girls acting cool without any jacket or sweater covering their freezing bodies. Don’t even bother asking about the European. Some were just wearing shirts and shorts.

Okay, our journey today started a little bit late. Well, it was because of the late night incidence. We went out at about 11.30 am and headed for La Defense. But we were trapped at one station. We couldn’t get out because the machine didn’t accept our tickets. So we asked for help from a lady inside the counter outside. We bought new tickets. It was kind of funny trapping inside, couldn’t get out.

The journey went smooth then. Just the weather, as been told before. Quite distracting, but we proceed anyway. La Defense is a major business district in Paris. Just when we came out of the underground station, we were greeted by engirdling tall and modern buildings leaded by Grande Arche in front of the exit. It is a modern city. Sophisticated and magnificent. Grande Arche is somehow considered as the 20th century of Arc de Triomphe, which is a famous monument also situated in Paris. We went around the city taking photographs here and there despite the unexpected weather.

Next in thing, we headed for Versailles, a suburb of Paris. The objective was to visit a huge palace situated there. Following the train route on the map, Versailles is the end stop of one line of the transport. There was quite a story while in the train. We were enjoying a view of a river from inside the train when suddenly the train stopped on a bridge. This had happened before. But this time, it was damn longer. Finally there was this announcement heard in French. So the girls asked one of the passengers of what actually happened.

There was an attempt for suicidal. My heart was like – WOW! A commit suicide attempt in France!! This is one hell of a scene!!! - I didn’t really get how the attempt could’ve interrupting the train access. I think the guy must’ve blocked the railway. Or he might have jumped onto the roof of the train and try to jump from the train into the river. It was chaos outside the train with cops and the workers of the train running here and there trying to calm things down. While Inside the train, the passengers were eager to see what happened outside. Everyone moved to the window hoping to get an image of the attempt. I could also see some people trying to snap pictures from their camera. WOW! Was it dramatic enough? Well quite a scene I guess. The worst part was when we realized we were actually trapped in the train couldn’t get out, late for Versailles. I think it was an hour until everything solved finally. Thank God the attempt failed. He (or was it she?) should think of a repent. Haha.

So we reached Versailles and headed straight for the palace. On our way, we once again met another scene. A building was on fire. We didn’t actually see the fire but we saw the fire engines and the dark smokes. It might have cleared when we saw it. 2 incidences in a day!!!

Versailles is not only popular with its beautiful buildings. It indeed symbolizes the system of absolute monarchy of the Ancient Regime in France. The Palace of Versailles is considered as one of the largest and prettiest palaces in the world. This is really a tourists’ hot spot. So many people. The palace itself gave us an amazing impression. The gate is golden shining. But we later decided not to enter the palace because of the price of the ticket. We thought it was not worthy.

So we just hanged around snapping some pictures from the outside. And we managed to perform our Zohor prayer at the public area. We found a spot in between the cars. It was quite an experience. Well you do know the Islamophobia thing don’t you? Anyway, I think France is better than Austria regarding this matter, though I love Austria more than Paris. Heh.

On our way back, we bought some key chains. Well quite a lot actually. I don’t really remember what we did that night. I think it was nothing. We just had some rest. And instant noodles. Huh.

to be continued...

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